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            Automatic black radium laser marking machine hl-1911ff


            內容詳情/Details of the content

            Automatic black radium laser marking machine hl-1911ff
            Equipment parameters:
            Size: L * w * H = 1865 * 965 * 1500mm
            Function: laser marking and detection of mobile phone backlight (laser machine can be separated)
            Weight: About 300kg
            Power supply: AC220 V, 50 Hz
            Power: 1.8kw
            Air pressure: 0.6MPa - 0.8MPa
            Material size (single piece): 50-85mm 110-175mm (about 300 + 300 sheets)
            CCD accuracy: ± 0.1 ~ 0.4mm (depending on the size of materials, etc.)
            Equipment function:
            Mainly for the mobile phone backlight laser marking and use CCD vision automatic detection marking effect; double station design, automatic loading and unloading device, can reduce personnel operation, greatly improve efficiency. The detection contents (such as line size, position, size, distance, etc.) can be customized, and the ng material placement area can be automatically discharged for the defective products (such as missing lines, off-line, etc.). Part of the laser marking machine is separable, which can be used for laser marking of other materials
            Equipment advantages: high efficiency, double station automatic loading device. Visual inspection can be increased according to the demand to improve the accuracy.